I am from the US and my wife is from Taiwan.  Our goal was to create a balance of coffee and tea, where both would be exceptional.

We attended seminars and trade shows for two years before starting. We decided early that every drink would be made by the cup to ensure quality and freshness. After testing over one-hundred espresso blends, we settled on using a respected traditional Italian roaster in Seattle.

We spent all of our start-up phase honing our craft. Understanding the proper steep time and temperatures for the teas, and the right dose, grind, tamp, temperature, and pump pressure for the espresso.

In mid 2005, we began roasting our own Single Origin coffee and by 2007 we added a larger roaster and were roasting everything in house as well as shipping beans nationally.

We began offering Press coffee by the cup, and in 2008 we began offering siphon coffee on a limited basis. Our siphon bar was finished in November 2008. We are one of only a handful in North America.

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